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Saturday, January 14, 2012 | 8:11 AM | 2 wink


Today is 14 January of 2012. Today is Saturday! Beautiful day!

Semua sihaaaaat?!! *angguk angguk* Dah lama rasanya tak update blog kan kannn? Don't you miss me people? Ihiks~~ So harini saya ingat nak hapdet blog. Boleh tak boleh tak?!!! By the way. Saya suka lagu blog saya. Awak suka tak? Tak suka. Go die. Hahak. K tak lawak senanye.


Dah dua minggu kita sekolah kan? So how is it. Best tak best tak?!! Hehehe. Pada saya, semuanya awesome!!!! Cikgu cikgu pun dah pandai bergurau sekarang. Kalau tak, masa belajar. Seriussss memanjeeeeng xD hahak. Okay so harini. Saya taktau nak update apaaaa. So saya nak cerita orang kuat saya. Orang rumah saya. Eh? Hahahaha. K let's start.

His name is Asri Hanif. He is my my only one. Truly one that I love. He is my boyfie.
He is my special friend. He is everything. 
 He is supernatural. He is incredible. He is blessing from God.
I hope, me and him. Will remain together till jannah. InsyaAllah.

This girl name is Siti Masyitah.(yg bediri tu) She is my shoulder. She is my partner. She's meant a lot to me.
She is a nice girl, so understanding me. She gorgeous. She is my diary. Everything
about her, I can't describe it with words. She is the best girlfriend I ever had.


This girl is sooo nice with me. My gorgeous friend. We've been know for last 2 years. Yes. We've been friend for 2 years. Her name is Allieya Izzatie. .
She's awesome. She is my crazy partner. With her, I would be the most crazy people that
you ever seen. Haha. So I love her.

Mohd Husaini

His name is Moh Husaini. We're friend since 2011. About one years. He thought me a-lot.
He thought me how to appreciated people around me. He's the best buddy. I prays for him
that he will find his truly love. His truly princess. InsyaAllah. Amin.
And sorry hus, kalau english gua terabur. hahaha.

So that's all for today! Thanks for reading people. Assalamualaikum! ;)

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